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The Bleeding Obvious at The Flamboyance, Sweet St, Leeds.

What better way to celebrate the opening of the newest LGBT+ friendly venue in Leeds than to have the wonderful and inspiring Jessica Rowbottom performing live as her one woman band on the cusp of her big debut at the Edinburgh Fringe festival?! This is perfect timing with Leeds Pride coming up at the weekend and the buzzing crowd were in excellent spirits to receive the show. Jessica has been on quite the journey of discovery which unfolds during this one hour special of music, comedy and story telling. Often funny, sometimes sad, we learn the story of Jessica’s transgender, lesbian, bisexual, polyamorous confusion. ‘Life’s not always quite as straight as it seems’ croons Jessica. She’s not wrong! Performing to an LGBT crowd, it was clear that the message of coming out and being vulnerable resonated with everyone. The poignant and moving words don’t linger too long on a sad note though and we were soon grooving along to some disco bops and marvelling at the pipe keyboard solo that Jessica has named ‘Sven’. The show ends on a high note with the catchy and uplifting ‘One foot in front of the other’, which I was singing all the way home! Jessica also treated us to some great up and coming comedians that warmed us up before the final act. The Flamboyance is a fab venue and open seven days a week. It’s sister café, The Flamingo is located in the city centre and are sponsors of this Sunday’s pride event. See you at the parade!


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